About ICT Hardware

Who we are:

ICT Hardware is one of the leading international IT distributors in Europe, specialize in the global distribution of branded IT Hardware products. Our core business on the supply of discounted IT Hardware products from main manufacturers Like; HP, Cisco, IBM, Lenovo. we provide flexible options to buy, sell, rent and consign data center equipment of all major international IT brands, depending on your budget and usage requirements.

Our Mission

In ICT-hardware, we are all about customer satisfaction, our mission is to fulfill our customer Technology needs, and deliver the highest equipment, we know that to complete our mission successfully we need to support our product too, and our team is always happy to help.

Our philosophy:

We believe in good collaboration and close relations with our clients. It provides a higher level of service, better dialogue and mutual development of our businesses. we have different specialties in each division who share the same goal Customer Satisfaction

Our solutions includes the following
  • ICT infrastructure
  • ICT Operation and Management
  • Project Management
  • ICT Security Solutions
  • Communication and cooperation
  • Non-Stop Systems
  • Cluster Systems
  • Midrange / Enterprise Systems
  • Servers , Multi-processor servers
  • Communication Equipment of all solutions
  • Networking Equipment
  • Peripherals
  • Equipment protection systems, all security solutions
  • Packages for operating systems and applications
  • Surveillance equipment and audio visual solutions in all equipment control systems
  • Packages of electronic archiving systems, all solutions
  • Accessories
Our Team:

We believe that our team build our business. Moreover, we like to lead by example with our team rich in hands-on experience and expertise. Today, we have skillful management and support engineers, we always put our customer service, and satisfaction at the core of our business knowing the Customer services and IT support is essential to your business. With certified technicians on staff in each location, Our Team is able to answer your questions promptly ensuring your equipment will function according to your most intensive requirements. Experience from a specialized team of experts committed to your requirements.

We deliver what we promise – always.

We live and breathe customer service. It is central to everything we do. If you call, we will answer. If you email, we will promptly respond. Simple as that. Last, but not least, included in our services you will find also:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Quality and satisfaction

You will be in very best hand Contact us now and leave the rest for us. (We are here to serve you.)

Contact us:
Customer service:

Email: operation@ict-hardware.com

Accounting Dep:

Email: accouting@ict-hardware.com

Website support:

Email: web@ict-hardware.com

Sales Dep:

Email: sales@ict-hardware.com

Technical Support:

Email: support@ict-hardware.com

General Question:

Email: info@ict-hardware.com