Network Monitoring & analytics

Network Monitoring & analytics Provides operators and enterprises deep understanding of the network functioning and performance. Network administrator should be aware of and have a handle on different type of traffic that is traversing in their network in order to troubleshoot more effectively and priorities the network traffic based on the type of traffic and based on the business requirements QOS.


There is numerous of tools and appliance available in the market and choosing the proper tools, system engineer will have peace of mind they will have ability to make the precise decision about their businesses weather an update required or configuration  tuning is needed to make sure the network performance meet the expectation.

Through the Monitoring tools you can avoid many surprised and prepare for the unexpected event that might downtime for your business.


Types of network monitoring tools:

  • Packet Analyzers
  • Applications and Services Monitor ( Software or Hardware )
  • Intrusion Detection  ( Software or Hardware )
  • Voice & Data captured Appliances

ICT Team can work hand in hand with your network engineer to chose the right hardware for your network.

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